Chelmsford and District Badminton Federation

League Badminton in Chelmsford District

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  1. The name shall be the 'Chelmsford and district Badminton Federation'
  2. The purpose of the Federation shall be:
    1. The arrangement of leagues
    2. The arrangement of tournaments on demand
    3. The furtherance of badminton in the Chelmsford and district area
  3. The government of the Federation shall be vested in an Executive Committee comprising:
    1. Hon President
    2. Hon Vice President
    3. Chairman
    4. Vice chairman
    5. Secretary
    6. Treasurer
    7. Publicity Officer
    8. League Secretary
    9. Two Referees
  4. The remaining members of the executive committee can appoint any positions not appointed at the AGM and can co-opt two committee members.

  5. Membership will be open to all clubs in the Chelmsford and district area or at the discretion of of the Federation.
  6. A copy of the rules shall be held by the Secretary and be available at all meetings.
  7. The annual subscription for each club is to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. The Annual General Meeting shall be before 30th June in each year.
  9. The AGM is open to all members of clubs affiliated to CDBF.
  10. Each club is entitled to one vote.
  11. A simple majority shall pass any proposition. In the event of an equal vote a further vote shall be taken. If a further tie results the Chairman will have the casting vote.
  12. The Secretary shall give four weeks notice of the AGM to the secretaries of all the affiliated clubs.
  13. Executive Committee meetings will be held as deemed necessary by the Secretary and Chairman.
  14. The Committee shall have the power to appoint other officials as required.
  15. Any affiliated club aggrieved by any decision of the Executive committee shall, in writing to the Chairman and Secretary, outline their grievance. On receipt of any such grievance the Executive Com mittee shall meet within 4 weeks to review and  make a judgement.
  16. The Chairman, upon request to him in writing from three affiliated clubs, may call an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. This request shall set out specifically the reason for calling the meeting and shall be signed by a responsible official of each club calling the meeting.
  17. The General Secretary shall convene this meeting within two weeks by notifying all affiliated clubs. Only such business as is set out on the sgenda shall be discussed at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.
  18. No alteration, amendment, addition to or repeal of any rule except by majority vote of those present and entitled to vote at the AGM or Extra-ordinary General Meeting. Proposals to change any of the CDBF rules must be submitted by an affiliated club member and received by the Executive Committee 6 weeks before the AGM. Proposals will then be circulated to every affiliated club 4 weeks before the AGM.
  19. a) The Federation shall have the power (subject to compliance with the provision of Rule 18 b) hereof:
    1. To expel any club from membership of the Federation.
    2. To suspend any club or person participating in any competitive play organised by the Federation and to remove such suspension.
    3. To fine or impose such other penalties on a club or person as it shall deem appropriate; for any infringement or any attempted infringement of such club or person of the Laws of Badminton or the Rules of the Federation or for any action which would bring the game of badminton into disrepute. Failure to pay any fine within 28 days of the date of the imposition thereof may lead to the expulsion or banning of the club or person concerned.
  20. b) Before taking any such action under 18 a) above, the General Secretary or other duly authorised officer of the Federation shall notify the Club, through its' secretary or other authorised officer, or person against whom allegations of misconduct have been made of the facts alleged which give rise to such accusation. Such notice shall be in writing and shall give to the Club or person concerned the right to make written representations to the Executive Committee within 28 days of the date of the notice and to appear in person before a meeting of the Executive Committee to answer such allegations, such meeting to take place not earlier than 28 days of the date of notice and to appear in person before a meeting of the Executive Committee to answer such allegations, such meeting to take place not earlier than 28 days from the date of notice.. A Club appearing before the Executive Committee shall be represented by not more than four members of the Club at least one of whom shall be an Officer of that Club. Should the Club or person specified in the notice not make a written representation within the said 28 days or not appear by Club representatives or in person to the Executive Committee on the date stated in the notice, the Executive Committee shall have the power to make a decision in absentia. A Club or person shall only be found guilty of any offence should a two thirds majority of the members of the Executive Committee there present to find. Any Club or person found guilty by the Federation Committee of any offence and expelled or suspended from the Federation shall have the right, to be exercised within 28 days, of being notified in writing of the decision of the Executive Committee and of the penalty imposed to appeal. Such an appeal shall go before an Extra-ordinary General Committee meeting. Any penalty imposed by the Executive Committee shall be suspended during the course of the appeal. The decision of the Extra-ordinary General Meeting shall be final and binding on all parties.


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