Chelmsford and District Badminton Federation

League Badminton in Chelmsford District

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Knockout Rules

Team Knock Out Rules

  1. There will be two competitions:
    1. Chelmsford Team Knockout Shield - for clubs having mixed 6 teams in divisions 1 and 2 at the discretion of the committee
    2. Ron Pharaoh Team Knockout Plate -  for clubs having mixed 6 teams below division 2 at the discretion of the committee
    • Based upon the number of qualifying teams, the committee will decide which teams play in each competition
  2. Clubs may be entered into both competitions.
  3. Clubs wishing to enter but do not have teams within the mixed divisions may be allocated one or both of the above competitions at the executive committee's discretion.
  4. Every club affiliated will automatically be entered into the appropriated competition free of charge.
  5. A team shall consist of three men and three women playing in the format contained on the match score cards provided by the federation.
  6. All teams will be given a handicap by the executive committee.
  7. The executive committee reserve the right to reset the handicaps at any time during the competition.
  8. Events will be the best of three games of 21 points (no setting).
  9. No player shall play for more than one club of which he or she is an accredited member. No club can use players who play for a higher mixed division than their own first team. Players are not allowed to play in a knockout competition for one club and Mixed 6 for a different club. Players are allowed to play for a different club in mixed 4 than the club they play for in either knockout competition.
    1. If a club has 2 teams, 1 playing in the Shield and 1 playing in the Plate, players will not be allowed to move from the Plate team to the Shield team more than once and still play for the Plate team. If a player plays up from the Plate to the Shield this will be counted as one of the two times they are allowed to play up into a higher team.
    2. If a club has 2 teams playing in the same competition a player from the 2nd team can only play for the first team once and still play for the 2nd   team.
    3. A club’s nominated 1st team for the league will be the KO competition’s nomination unless instructed otherwise by a club official.
  10. Matches shall be mutually arranged by the opposing club secretaries to be played by the qualifying time set by the league secretary.
  11. Shuttles used shall be feathered or cork based plastic and shall meet the international regulation for speed.  The referees will be the arbiters on any issue of shuttles used.
  12. The two clubs shall share the cost of the courts, shuttles and refreshments.  The contribution to be set by the committee.  Currently £30.
  13. The finals will be played on a court decided by the executive committee.
  14. The finals will be played with shuttles decided by the executive committee.
  15. The federation will meet the cost of the courts and shuttles for the finals.
  16. Players playing in the final of the knockout competition should have played at least once for that club in the league during the season.
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